Innovation is an exploration filled with uncertainties.

Unlike in the past, technology and chance alone cannot guarantee your success.

Failure in the innovation may lead to budget explosions, continuous changes in the product launch schedule or even commercial failure. It may even threaten the companies' existence.


You will succeed in innovation if:

you do the right things, addressing market needs with the right product & service

you do the things right, using the right methodology to control the risks and maximize the efficiency of your innovation process

Innovation is governed by a process involving the company and its environment. That process is complex and must be organized to guarantee performance and sustainability.

Usually, companies have all of the necessary ingredients for success. They only need methodology.

No matter

  • what the size and the sector of your company is,
  • whether you work alone or with many stakeholders,
  • whether you look for a radical or an incremental innovation,
  • what field you work in (product, production process, services, business model),
your innovation process is governed by the same key success factors.