INNEO helps you to improve the productivity of your innovation process if:

  • You need to reduce your development time and time to market.
  • You want to improve the profitability of your market launches.
  • You must cut off part of your R&D budget or launch more new products without budget increase,

INNEO brings proven tools and methodologies that help you to manage your:


Innovation process

  • Assessment of the key success factors of your innovation process
  • Proposition of dedicated working modes and organizations
  • Collaborative design (contractor, supplier, partner)
  • Idea management, brainstorming, marketing and R&D collaboration

Project portfolio management

  • Assessment of your capabilities in project development
  • Proposition of dedicated working modes and organizations
  • Project portfolio mapping under strong uncertainties
  • Business Plan under uncertainties
  • Opportunity studies
  • Planning of hypothesis validation